The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time 

Chief operator of Jim#1 K3CHJ's shack.   Here is the famous Lizzy, enjoying a Christmas toy named Rudy, sent to her by a distant friend.  Lizzy takes Jim K3CHJ on his daily walk, rain or shine.  Lizzy also greets the Roosters on the Friday dinner of the Rooster Weekend.  Lizzy now has two Christmas toys named RU and DY. 

​Ron W2DAR, shares his Zoey with us on Birthday #6.

  On the right are photos of Danny (Lab, age 12) and Moosh (Chihuahua-terrier, age 5), and my daughter, Laura.  The second photo is of my dog perched on the twin bed in my shack.  
  Danny knows what day it is, and the time. He regularly wakes me up at 5:15 am every day
except Wednesday when he wakes me up at 4 am.  I need no other alarm clock.
After I feed him and let him out, he joins me in my                                                                       shack for the Rooster Net and usually resides                                                                            upon the bed for the duration of the net.


Share your Pet, and Pet stories with the rest of the Flock.  Send your Pictures and a story, if you have one to:  

Woody  K3YV, shares this photo of Rho and Theta, the Gamma sisters. Theta is on top and
Rho is on the bottom. The breed is Turkish Van. They are named after the
complex reflection coefficient of transmission line theory.

Lucy is the newest member of K3JJC Jim#2's household.  Jim is now third in command.

Sal NC3U, Shows us his pets, Paisley up front and January in the back.  They both helped with Sal's antenna installation.

W2NQB Chris, shares his ​Cassie learning String Theory and extending a paw in friendship.

On the right is:  Lexie Lee, Chief operator of WA3SYR station.  Who passed away on July 27th.  She was 14, and missed every day.

On the left is:  5 year old Callie Girl.  Current Chief Operator of the famous WA3SYR station.  

​On the right are a pair of visitors to Bill W3FRB's shack.

Who is this "ROOSTER"?

Here is AA3YE Joe's,  a three and one half year old boxer.  His name is Chubbs, although he is all muscle “not chubby”.  The second picture he has taken over the lazyboy chair and is in his “DogFather” pose.  the first picture he took over the couch and watching what is going on with just one eye open