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The Trials and Tribulations of dealing with Erectile Dysfunction or It takes a lot of foreplay to get an erection!
After suffering erectile dysfunction since October 18, 2001, I planned to do something about it. In the past, I would hide my problem in the woods or the attic. Although, not for a lack of trying, I couldn’t get out real well. I really had the urge to reach out and touch someone. My passion was to find a real minx to help me. I wanted one that would put out. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on her. I wanted a pert girl that would help me rise to the occasion. I wanted a girl whose calls of pleasure would be heard a long way with only minimal energy output from me. My first problem after finding this girl, was to get it up.

  Once I got it up, I wanted it to stay up. I spent countless hours on the internet researching the problem and possible solutions. I conferred with experts, doctors and mechanical engineers for advice. My concern
was that my rigid member was too heavy and too long, but wasn’t thick enough or strong enough. I needed it to be strong enough to stand up to a frenzy of a storm. I wanted to be able to let it come down gently for repair and maintenance, but be able to get it back up in a hurry without a lot of encouragement.

  It takes a lot of foreplay, (work), to get an erection. This statement is especially true if you are old and using abused and worn-out equipment that came from and probably still belongs in a junkyard. This is exactly my case.
Since it wasn’t used in a long time, I first needed to brush the rust off it. To protect it, I covered it with a water repellent oily, latex like, coating.  I was apprehensive till the very end. “Could I do it?” “Would it stand up straight?” “Would it hold up under pressure and withstand the forces placed on it?” Since it was quite massive, I bought a winch that had to be run by hand and a pulley to help get it up. I built stands to hold it up during the erection process. Because it was so long, I needed a truss to keep it from bending.  With a little over four months of not playing golf, dedicated planning, preparation, concentration, modification, metal fabrication, nearly a divorce, lots of money, mental and manual stimulation from some of my closest friends, I finally got it up.

  On the day of the erection, things didn’t go very well. I couldn’t get it to go in. I had to have the hole reamed out. It wasn’t pretty or pleasant.  It was exciting, the first night it was up, my neighbor across the street called and was concerned with what was happening. She thought I was causing her computer monitor to go on and off. She said “I don’t want you ruining my computer.” In fact, the intensity of energy or lack there of, was so high the street lights kept turning on and off. It was a good thing that my my radio was unplugged and disconnected from my new
tower and Lightning Bolt four(4) element five(5) band Quad antenna I had just erected.

​Greg WA3GM, and his twin brother at work in 1974

The following pictures and story were sent in by AA3YE Joe.

​Woody K3YV, and man of many talents​

WA3GM Greg, QRP Remote Outpost Base Camp set up. 

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Famous WA3GM Greg, on a QRP DXpedition in the wilds of the Florida coast​.