​KD2BDA Skip, shares his Rooster Photos with us.

WA3GM Chief Rooster Greg's Daughter and Grandson at Greg's antenna Party on June 17th.

K3CHJ  Jim, N4XPD Don, and W4UML Ike,  having a fine dinner in Virginia.

Libby's Grandson,  Libby,(W4UML's XYL) and Dottie(K3CJH's XYL) joined in as well.

Roosters are Welcome to post pictures on this page.  By way of the Contact Page.  Or send them to: N0VVV@theroosternet.com

I saw this at the Merchant’s Mart in Allentown, PA. The current bid is $18.00. Items are on display for a month. Bidders add their assigned number and their bid to the list. It’s about twelve inches tall. You have to listen real hard to hear him crow. Nowhere nears as good as ours from the back of the chair. 
Skip, KD2BDA 

​October Fall Colors at N0VVV's QTH

​N0VVV Jim#5, installing a 2 meter antenna, the easy way.

The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time 

​Woody K3YV, shares a view of his club, K3YA from the inside

​Woody K3YV, Dick AA3R and his daughter Julie KC2ZVD at Dick's birthday luncheon. 

​K3YV Woody award received from another job well done.

​K3YV Woody, Mister Rooster, and Uncle Wally