​The sign says it all!!!   Starting from the left:  WA3GM  Greg, Miss Penny, (XYL Fred) Carol,(XYL Billy)  K3YV  Woody, KA3IRJ  Fred, WA3SYR  Billy, N0VVV  Jim, and KB1ZNK  Sue (XYL Jim) 

                                                 Rooster Dayton Dinner  May 19th, 2016

Left to right :  Roy KC3BYC, Debbie KC3HBW, Woody K3YV, John W8RXX, Ron K3RON, Janet W3JLS, Tim N3NCG, Al AB3CE, Dave N3KCR, Roy W8REH, Eric W3EDP, John W4CC. Not pictured: Fred KA3IRJ, Penny.  Thanks to John W4CC.

The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time 

​Past Rooster Events

​Can you find K3YV Woody, in the picture above?  For four days, Rooster Woody was teaching a class of 15 students for the Air Force, at Ft. Indiantiantown Gap.  Our hobby now has 2 new Generals and 13 new Technicians.  Hopefully, there's a future Rooster or two in the group.  Way to go Woody!!! 

​Three Roosters who have received Top Honors in each division of the DT Award. (dead tube)​

​The Back Row is K3MCA,(Mike); (Cheryl K3MCA’s girlfirend); W2CU, (Doug); KC3AGA, (Jack); N3HPR, (Doc Tom); WB3EQW, (Chief Rooster Mike); KB3LZF, (Sandy XYL of AA3YE); K3VYY, (Dick)
 Front Row is K3MCA’s daughter Diane); N3BAV, (Brenda XYL of W2CU); (Millie XYL of KC3AGA); N3LKW, (Sandy XYL of N3HPR); (Carolyn XYL of WB3EQW); AA3YE, (Joe); WB3BHJ, (Pam XYL of K3VYY)