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​Please join us for the Annual Hamvention Rooster Dinner Thursday, May 18, 2017 at TJ Chumps (same location as past years). Plan to arrive any time after 5:00 PM for our social hour and plan on eating at 6:00 PM. We request an RSVP to Roy, W8REH via email at No one will be turned away regardless of RSVP, but our space will be most comfortable if we have a reasonable head count. A group will be visiting the National Museum of the United States Air Force, 1100 Spaatz Street, Wright-Patterson AFB during the day Thursday which opens at 9:00 AM. This would be a great addition to your Hamvention trip. Admission to the museum is FREE. There is a charge for the Air Force Museum Theatre and flight simulators.
Roy – W8REH
Cell: 614-439-6611

​On Saturday, May 6th, the Rooster Net board of advisers had our yearly meeting hosted by Jim #1.  To discuss and decide on a few issues, and to make the Rooster net as enjoyable as possible for everyone.   And continue to keep the Rooster net tradition in place.
  We all know that band conditions are at an all time low.  Which will change as our new solar cycle ages.  For sixty years, the Rooster net has started at 6:00 AM.  However, for the past few months our net controls have been suspending the net until conditions improve.  Which is still an option that is available, and is 100% at the net control discretion for that given day.
  Speaking for myself, and being in Vermont, I do hear most stations more than most of the other net controls.  But during that time, Eastern and Western Pennsylvania are not hearing each other.  Once again speaking for myself, if I wait for Pennsylvania to open for the entire state, I can no longer hear FL, SC, DE, NJ, and Ohio is starting to get very light.  There really is no "Perfect Time" to start the net so all can hear. 
   So as a guideline, the board of advisers suggests that at 6:00 AM, you, as net control, are hearing a few stations, but not all because of bad conditions, still run the net instead of suspending it.  There is always round two, when conditions are better for most Roosters.  That way we are able to keep the Rooster tradition in place.

                                                                                                Jim#5,  N0VVV

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​Lunch at Yoders on April 1st., 2017