​Left-to-right: Jim K3JJC, Ron W2DAR, Ron K3LPR, Allen KB3EWJ, Ed K3BVQ, Ryan, Carl, Dennis KA3RIX, Nancy, Ron K3BKT, Gwen NG3P, Terryl AB3ZU, Jim AF3R, and Dick K3ITH.

Fellow Roosters,
To keep within the guide lines of the virus task force, I ordered surgical masks from Amazon. Unfortunately, the N95 type masks were out-of-stock. Amazon did have the Chinese substitute masks in stock, so I ordered those. The masks arrived this morning, and I have got to tell you they are really fantastic. I wore one to the grocery store today. I was able to get my grocery shopping finished without any trouble what so ever. Moreover, I think the store and store management really appreciated my wearing the mask when so many people were not. When I went to the check-out, the clerk gave me all the money out of his cash register. I can't say the store would do that for all customers wearing a mask, but it is nice to know they appreciated my effort. If any one is having trouble obtaining masks and wants the Amazon link to order these masks, just email me, and I will forward the link.       73,    Woody - K3YV


Jim  N1EKO, crowed in 3/21/2020, to join us as Rooster # 1461.

          Mystery Photo

​Where and When, is the Original Copy on display ?

Bonus Question:  Why is John Hancock's signature so large?


Send your answer to:  n0vvv@theroosternet.com

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Last weeks answer:    For Riding in a buggy, on a Sunday, in Vermont.

​Please join us for the 6 th Annual Hamvention Rooster Dinner Thursday May 14, 2020 Dinner starts at 7:00 PM Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, it has become necessary to change the location of the Rooster Dinner this year. We will NOT be gathering at TJ Chumps as planned, but instead will gather for the 6th Annual Hamvention Rooster Dinner at the Rooster Chat Room on Thursday 5/14/2020 for our usual social hour, beverages in hand. Building on Rooster’s vast experience with the “Crow In” and theater of the mind, transitioning to this virtual dinner location should require no special training and be a seamless transition for this onetime event. In similar fashion to the daily pre-net, social hour will begin as the group arrives, certainly by 6:30. The event begins Thursday evening with each Rooster posting in the Chat Room the menu you have selected for yourself (beverage and deserts included) so that everyone can begin to smell the aromas of each participating Rooster’s prepared meal. Virtual sharing, comments and questions are acceptable and expected. Your participation in this virtual dinner will make continuing next year’s 7th Annual Hamvention Rooster Dinner possible and should show what Roosters are really made of. If you are not already familiar with logging into the Rooster Chat Room, you should log in and begin participating now along with your daily Rooster Net check in. Don’t wait until the middle of May since that will probably be too late. Doc and others on the daily pre-net, where you find all the real Roosters, will be able to assist you. Your computer with Firefox or Chrome and your call sign in all caps is all you will need. (https://r2d2.mellomountain.org/channel/ROOSTERS) This is NOT an “April Fool” and is open to all Roosters. Make sure you put it on your calendar, a note on your refrigerator or set your alarm clock. Thanks for participating in the 6 th Annual Hamvention Rooster Dinner.                     73            Roy  W8REH

It has come to this.           

Enjoy.  Woody  K3YV

First Friday Rooster Net Luncheon held at the Gino’s Ristorante and Pizzeria. Another outstanding luncheon flocking with 14 attending; of course, everyone had a great time. Jim K3CHJ was in Florida so no Consumer Tip this month.
  Our next Rooster Net First Friday Luncheon is scheduled for April 3, 2020. However, given the COVID-19 virus and the Pennsylvania Governor’s mandate to “shelter-in-place” plus all restaurants being closed, most likely there will NOT be a First Friday Rooster Luncheon. Stay tuned on 3990 KHz for any updates.
                                                                              Enjoy and 73,  Dick K3ITH

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