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From Left to Right:  Jeff N3VE, Woody K3YV, Greg WA3GM, John W8RXX, Roy W8REH, and Steve WU3I

​The Rooster Dinner at Dayton.  Thursday, May 18th, 2017

These Roosters met while Hunting for Low Prices ..........

Rooster"believe it or not"!!  There are two of them!!!  Below are 

K3YV Woody,  and KC2IZK Vince.  Met each other at Dayton this year.


Kurt  WB3GSN , Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1426 on 6/10/2017

Greg WA3GM, along with his New Pal Gordo.  Greg must forget his call sign often.  He has seven badges(one missing), plus his hat, to remind him.

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Left to right: Greg WA3GM, John N3GU, Woody K3YV, Steve WA8UEG, Roy W8REH, Steve WU3I, John W4CC, and Eric W3EDP

   Above is a photo for the Rooster Net website from our June 2, 2017 Rooster Net Luncheon held at the Eagleville Tavern in Eagleville, PA.  Another outstanding luncheon flocking with 22 attending; of course, everyone had a great time.  Jim K3CHJ presented his monthly “Consumer Tip” by demonstrating how to reinforce a plastic flag pole with a large wire, for easy insertion into the ground. 

  Please note our next Rooster Net First Friday Luncheon will be held on July 7th.  In addition, for those not playing golf Friday for our Rooster Weekend, we will have a second Rooster Net Luncheon held July 14th, at the same location.  All Roosters, including those from out of town, are invited.  

  From left to right:  Jay W3JAH, Allen KC3EWJ, Ed K3BVQ, Susan, Steve WU3I, Bill KA3RMM, Lisa KB3YUB, Dick K3ITH, Lemont AB3LC, Jim K3JJC, Ron K3LPR, Beverly, Pat, Jim WA3QED, Bob K3DBD, Sal NC3U, Janet W3JLS, Ron K3RON, Jim K3CHJ, and Ed KB3IV. 
​Left Insert:  Jim K3CHJ’s Consumer Tip
Right Insert:  Greg WA3GM, our picture taker.
Not shown: Kurt WB3GSN