​Please note our next Rooster Net First Friday Luncheon is scheduled for June 1, 2018 at the same place.
Enjoy and 73,                   Dick K3ITH 

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Many thanks go out to WB3EQW Mike for his excellent service for many years as: "Chief Rooster".  His performance set the bar for quality leadership.  Mike will be missed as "Chief Rooster".


The following Roosters made this website possible:

Dick KD1AI (Mister Boyer),   Dave KI3I (K131),   Squire Jim#2 K3JJC,   Jersey Ron W2DAR, Glen (with 1 N) NK1N,   Allen KC3EWJ,   Greg WA3GM (Sgt. Malone),   Chris W2NQB, Mister Woody K3YV,   Chief Paul W4PCB,   Bob (Bobby) N4XML,   Squire Carl NQ3U,  Jim#1 K3CHJ,  Steve WU3I,  Jay (Bear) W3JAH,  Jim#5 N0VVV                             


​Use this link to make a donation as well: 

In the past, many Roosters make a donation to the Rooster organization during Rooster weekend.  Which I encourage you to please continue with your generous support.  

  However, this year your able to make a donation and increase your chance to win the Icom-7600.  At the moment, there are 41 books of three tickets left for the Icom-7600.  At $25.00 a book.  All the proceeds from the tickets will be donated to the Rooster organization as well. 

  So it's a WIN WIN situation for all !!  You receive another three chances on winning the Icom-7600, and the Rooster organization receives the donation !!

Please Welcome our new Chief Rooster WA3GM Greg, who will step in​ and continue to the best of his ability the Rooster tradition.

If You're a Rooster!!  The 2018 "ROOSTER PICNIC" can be FREE!  And "ONE LUCKY ROOSTER", will own a New in the box: Icom-7600, with a New Heil H-12 Mic !!     Click on the link for details !!!!! ​   


The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time 

"Rooster Dinner"   Dayton 2018

Rooster Picnic July 14th, 2018 !!!

​Left-to-right:  Woody K3YV, Greg WA3GM (standing), Stan W3TTY, Brenden W3VD, Jim WA3QED, Jay W3JAH, Jim K3CHJ (standing), Beverly, Ron K3LPR, Susan KB1ZNK, Jim N0VVV, Nancy, Ron K3BKT, Jim K3JJC, Sal NC3U (standing), Pat, Paul W4PCB, Lois (hidden), and Danny KA3RIX.  Not shown, Bill W3AOK, who had to leave early to go back to work

Tim  KD2PGZ, Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1435 on 5/8/2018

​ May 4, 2018 First Friday Rooster Net Luncheon held at the Gino's Ristorante and Pizzeria.  Another super outstanding luncheon flocking with 28 attending; this is a record for these Rooster luncheons.  Of course, everyone had a great time.  Jim K3CHJ presented his monthly “Consumer Tips” on (1) how to add a battery pack to a small device; and (2) how to make a small LED light bulb.