The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time 

RON  N3AR,  has two vintage KENWOOD HYBRIDS for SALE:
    A TS-820S for $300, and a TS-520 for $200.  BOTH ARE OPERATING WELL and ON THE AIR DAILY.   Ir someone buys BOTH FOR $500.  I will include  two mics, one hand,  and the other is a desk type, also a matching speaker.
e-mail :         tele:  610-326-6336

NC3U Sal, has the answer to all of our net control problems.  He is offering this remedy for only $59.99.   Limited supply, one to a customer.

​Chief Paul W4PCB, Has made the following request:  
   I want to get back on the air and the Rooster Net but I don’t have my radios. They’re in storage. I’d like to know if anyone has a working HF Transceiver I can borrow for a while. It doesn’t have to be pretty; just operational.

Wanted to Sell or Wanted to Buy

​Submitted by K3YV:

   Jon, K3JEG, has a "like new" Ameritron AL-811H amplifier for sale. I 
believe he has a set of spare tube for it. New is $900 plus shipping. I 
believe Jon is selling the amp for $699. I believe this may be somewhat 
negotiable. I could deliver the unit to the Philly area, which would 
give me an excuse to visit the area. The unit uses four 811A tubes, 
which is equivalent to two 572B tubes. Jon will be crowing-in sometime 
in the next two weeks.

HELLO, I need some help. I am looking for a 2 Meter radio, Kenwood 2550 or a 2570. This is a very simple radio I can program, freq's and PL tones. If you find a good one let me know. I will pay a reasonable price and the shipping. Please e-mail and let me know if you find one.  THANKS JB                 

Rooster Bob Hibbert K3BOB has the following SB200 for sale.
Heath SB200 $400
Clean and good looking
Harbach mods installed
New tubes:
Less than 10 hr stand by
Less than 15 min talk time
Contact Woody K3YV