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​Great Weekend in Vermont....................9/16-9/17

      Greg WA3GM, having a snack

​Woody K3YV, holding an order of fries from the Port Clinton Hotel.  K3CHJ Jim # 1, enjoying his rare Hamburger.  Along with Greg WA3GM, and Ron N3AR, and his xyl Mary joined them for lunch.  Woody, Greg and Jim,  went on a good will trip to help fellow Rooster Roy W3TKR, with a noise problem.  It's what being a Rooster is all about.  Thanks gentleman.  You too Greg.

Lois, Paul W4PCB, Dick K3ITH, Asa AB3O, Ron K3RON, Janet W3JLS, Jim K3CHJ, Sal NC3U, Greg WA3GM, Steve WU3I, Jim K3JJC, Jay W3JAH, Nancy, Ron K3BKT, Ed K3BVQ, and Allen KC3EWJ.
Left Insert:  Jim K3CHJ’s Consumer Tips:  How to seal a watch back using a vice after replacing the battery.

Please note our next Rooster Net First Friday Luncheon is scheduled for November 3, 2017. 


The following Roosters made this website possible:

Dick KD1AI (Mister Boyer),   Dave KI3I (K131),   Squire Jim#2 K3JJC,   Jersey Ron W2DAR, Glen (with 1 N) NK1N,   Allen KC3EWJ,   Greg WA3GM (Sgt. Malone),   Chris W2NQB, Mister Woody K3YV,   Chief Paul W4PCB,   Bob (Bobby) N4XML,   Squire Carl NQ3U,  Jim#1 K3CHJ,  Steve WU3I,  Jay (Bear) W3JAH,  Jim#5 N0VVV                             


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​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time 

​Here is the photo of fellow Rooster, Dick Ruth AA3R.
October 31, 2017 


Pete KB3IBP, Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1428 on 9/10/2017

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Jim K3JJC, Walt AA3WB, Allen KC3EWJ, Brenden W3VD, Kurt WB3GSN,  Ed KB3IV, Sal NC3U, Greg WA3GM, Jim K3CHJ, Ron K3LPR, Dick K3ITH, Ed K3BVQ, Jay W3JAH, Ron K3BKT, Nancy, Lemont AB3LC.
Upper Left Insert:  Jim K3CHJ’s Consumer Tips:  Demonstrated several different cleaning materials.
Lower Left Insert:  Ed KB3IV‘s Consumer Tip:  Keep an $25 impact wrench in your car’s trunk to change a flat tire.

Supper Time, Saturday Night 9/14/2017, at N0VVV's QTH.  Left to right: Mister Woody K3YV, Jimmy V N0VVV, Squire Carl NQ3U, Elaine NQ3U XYL, Sue KB1ZNK N0VVV XYL, Dottie K3CHJ XYL, Jim#1 K3CHJ, Sgt Malone WA3GM, and Ms Stephani's Lobster. WA3GM XYL and our picture taker.