​Left-to-right: Dick K3ITH (standing), Paul W4PCB, Lois, Asa AB3O (standing), Jim K3CHJ, Dave KI3I, Ed K3BVQ, Sandy N3GBY, Ryan, Ron W2DAR (standing), Ron K3BKT (standing), Nancy, Ron K3LPR, Ed KB3IV, and Stan W3TTY. Not shown Chief Rooster Greg WA3GM, who was in Florida “thinking” about us. 

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Greg WA3GM, Dick, KD1AI,  and Roy KJ4YF at the  WRMI Antenna Farm and Transmitter site in Okeechobee, FL 
1.4 Million Watts of power!!!! 

Can you find Chief Rooster Greg in the photo below? 

​Jim K3CHJ presents his “Consumer Tip” demonstrating how to use Power-Pole connectors to measure current. 

Left-to-right: Jay W3JAH, Paul W4PCB, Chief Greg WA3GM (Standing), Lois, Stan W3TTY, Sandy N3GBY, Dave KI3I, Ron K3BKT, Ron K3LPR, Nancy, Jim K3JJC, Walt AA3WB, Allen KB3EWJ, Jim K3CHJ, Dottie, Dick K3ITH (standing), and Cathy.
Our next Rooster Net First Friday Luncheon is schedule for November 2, 2018 at the same restaurant.            Enjoy and 73,              Dick K3ITH

​Chief Rooster Greg  WA3GM, shows us his stealth antenna (20' Fishing Rod) and the key he uses to work CW while at Coco Beach, Florida

​Steve  WU3I, hamshack # 2 in Fort Myers, Florida as well.

​K3YV Woody, with his new clock

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​Jim K3CHJ presents another “Consumer Tip” demonstrating how to use a combination Voltmeter, amp-meter, and wattmeter with Power-Pole connectors already installed. 


W3JCB Charlie, Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1440 on 11/25/2018

​Jim K3JJC presents follow-up discussion with chart about last month’s about Consumer Tip where some stainless steel hose clamps “may” be magnetic. 

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