The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time 

Dinner at TJ Chumps. Left to right:
Bob N3AOW (Mary's OM), Roy W8REH, Woody K3YV, Bob AD3K, Bill W3AOK, Joe KD2PPY (Stan's grandson), Stan W3TTY, Mary N3RCH (Bob's XYL)

​Roosters at Dayton 2019

​Rooster Picnic July 11th, 12th, and 13th

​Left-to-right: Janet W3JLS, Nancy, Ron K3BKT, Jay W3JAH, Ron W2DAR, Steve WU3I, Jim K3CHJ, ED K3BVQ, Terryl AB3ZU (standing), Jim AF3R (standing), Sal NC3U (standing), Bill W3AOK (standing), Carl, Dennis KA3RIX, Dick K3ITH (standing), Jim K3JJC, Ron K3LPR, Allen KC3EWJ, Hal K3ATO, and Ron K3RON. Not shown Paul W4PCB and Lois. 


​Left-to-right: Jim K3CHJ, Jay W3JAH, Nancy, Lamont AB3LC, Asa AB3O, Ed K3BVQ, Ryan, Sal NC3U (standing), Dennis KA3RIX, Allen KC3EWJ, Stan W3TTY, Ron N3LPR, Ron K3BKT, and BILL W3AOK

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​Rooster Luncheon for Western Pennsylvania, Ohio etc.

​Left to right: Joe KD2PPY (Stan's grandson), Stan W3TTY, Bill W3AOK, Mary N3RCH (Bob's XYL), Bob N3AOW (Mary's OM), Woody K3YV, Roy W8REH, Bob AD3K

W3DLB  Dave, Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1498 on 5/26/2019


​Rooster Dayton Dinner

“Left-to-right: Lamont AB3LC, Jay W3JAH, Dick K3ITH, Allen KC3EWJ, Ed K3BVQ, Ryan, Ron (standing), Don N4XPD (standing), Woody K3YV (standing), Sal NC3U, Greg WA3GM (standing), Jim K3CHJ (standing), Jim K3JJC, Dennis KA3RIX, Carl, Stan W3TTY, Asa AB3O, Rich K2RSJ.”

From Left to Right:  Kneeling:  Matt KC3KVC, Mike WB3EQW, Carolyn xyl of WB3EQW
2nd row:  Brenda xyl of W2CU, Millie xyl of Jack KC3AGA, Matt son of Nick KC3AIV, Ron K3MIY, Diane xyl of Dennis KA3WYO, Charlie W3JCB, Sheryl xyl of Jim N3BAT
3rd row:  Doug W2CU, Jack KC3AGA, Jim AB3SY, Jean xyl of Nick KC3AIV, Nick KC3AIV  (porcelain Rooster)  Larry W3LDT, Dennis KA3WYO, Sandy xyl of AA3YE, Jim N3BAT and AA3YE taking picture.