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​​Photo 3 of 5, Left-to-right: Roger W4RFJ, Charlotte, Susan, and Steve WU3I

​​Photo 4 of 5, Left-to-right: “Consumer Tip #1” by Jim K3CHJ and Dottie.

Photo 1 of 5, Left-to-right: Jay W3JAH, Ron K3RON, Janet W3JLS, Dave KI3I, Sandy N3GBY, Stan W3TTY, Rich KB3YRC, Bob KB3YJC, Jim K3JJC (Standing), and Ed N3IV. Not shown, Dick K3ITH who provided the photos.

K3CHJ Jim#1, is home, and back on the Rooster Net !! Along with his many Get Well cards and Group Get Well Wishes. 

We are all glad to have you back !!

Above and right, are two photos from our September 7, 2018 First Friday Rooster Net Luncheon held at the Gino’s Ristorante and Pizzeria.  Another outstanding luncheon flocking with 18 attending; of course, everyone had a great time.  Jim K3CHJ presented his “Consumer Tip” about buying stainless steel hose clamps and checking if they are truly 100% by using a magnet (many are not).

Our next Rooster Net First Friday Luncheon is schedule for October 5, 2018 at the same restaurant.

Enjoy and 73,

Dick K3ITH 

Attention Roosters!!   You may have noticed an Amazon Banner at the top or every page.  If your an Amazon user, please click on that link before shopping at Amazon.  Because the Rooster Net Website will receive a small percent of your purchase.  No matter how big or small.  Which then will in turn, pay for this website.  And the remainder, if any, donated to the Rooster Net.  Thanks and 73.  Jim  N0VVV 

​​Photo 5 of 5, Left-to-right: “Consumer Tip #2” by Jim K3CHJ and Dottie.


Matt KC3KVC, Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1438 on 9/16/2018

​​Photo 2 of 5, Left-to-right: Ron N3AR, Ron K3LPR, Ron K3BKT, Nancy, Jim K3CHJ, Dottie, Lynn,
Mike KB3OZD, Ed K3BVQ, and Mary

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