​W3QC  Eddie, 90's+ Club

K3CHR  Jack, 90's+ Club

Ron  N3AR, receiving his Award on Friday evening at Jim#1's Rooster Dinner and Get Together.

K3CHJ  Jim#1, also a part of the "Rooster Classic"

​K3CHJ  Jim#1, and Dottie

Many hazards Thursday evening during the "Rooster Weekend".  Many Roads closed too.

​WA3GM  Greg, and Stephanie (N0VVV's Girlfriend)

​Chief Rooster Greg, receiving his "Thank You' award from Woody

​Terryl, ​W3TTY  Stan, AF3R  Jim, And K3ATO  Hal, Played in the "Rooster Classic"  (WU3I  Steve, Advised the group that Stan is 104 Years Old)


W3SQ  Mel, Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1450 on 6/30/2019


N3CYO  Paul, 90's+ club

N0VVV  Jim#5, and KB1ZNK  Sue

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​Chief Rooster Greg and his Daughter Megan.

​Our Famous "Rooster Picnic Crow-in"

​K3YV  Woody, and Money

All Tired Out Rooster# 57,  K3ATO  Hal

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