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K3YV  Woody, heading to Dayton, 1955

​Hamcation is history for this year and we set our sights on the 4th annual Hamvention Rooster Dinner. Reservations are in place to continue the Thursday night tradition at TJ Chumps (same place-same time). Only a little over 12 weeks away so start your plans now. For those new to this event a map is attached. Contact Roy, W8REH with questions and RSVP’s.
Thursday May 17, 2018
TJ Chumps, 7050 Executive Blvd., Huber Heights, Ohio (Dayton)  See map below.
Arrival around 5 PM, order off of the menu at 6 PM
                                                                                      73  Roy – W8REH


300 of the 500 Tickets already SOLD!!

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​Monday, February 26 - There is an hour long program starting at 12:00
noon, consisting of a panel discussion and various videos about the
ARISS program and the astronaut that we will be talking to, Scott
Tingle. After this program, the radio team will take the stage and
conduct the ISS contact. Students will then ask Scott their questions.
All live streamed on you-tube video. The actual contact should start at
12:58 PM.

​Students to use ham radio to link to ISS

The Centre Daily Times reports on Bellefonte Area Middle School students who are working on an out-of-this-world project 
The students hope to link up with the International Space Station for 8 or 9 minutes at the end of February. 
“They’ve been doing a lot of research right now on the International Space Station,” said Bellefonte Area Middle School Principal Summer Garman.
Helping to make the connection is school board member Jon Guizar K3JEGand his brethren of local amateur ham radio operators, who helped put together and install the necessary equipment needed to dial space.
Ellwood Brem K3YV, a retired electrical engineer, was the one who floated the original idea to Guizar in the hopes of steering students toward jobs in the sciences.
“We’re planting the seeds here today and who knows what wonderful careers will be inspired,” Brem said.“Just the experience of talking to someone in space is insane,” eighth-grader Melina Weaver said.Read the full story at:  


KA1KTT  Dave, Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1432 on 2/11/2018

​Rooster Dinner at Dayton 2018

​The Bellefonte School, ham radio contact with the International Space
Station (ISS) will take place on Monday February 26th, at 12:59 PM EST.
Jon K3JEG, and Woody K3YV, will be operating the amateur equipment from
the Bellefonte Middle School using the call sign W3YA. The down link
frequency will be 145.8 MHz, but you will not be able to hear the ground
station because the ground signal is not repeated. The entire hour-long
program will be carried via live audio/video streaming on YouTube. The
YouTube address is yet to be assigned. The program will consist of a
panel discussion followed by the nine-minute amateur radio contact
starting at 11:58 AM. The YouTube address is posted below. 

Lizzy Says:  "HI"     Knows her code well says proud owner K3CHJ Jim.

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Jon and Woody listening for signals from the International Space Station