Staying Safe Playing Radio!!!


OZD and Greg befuddled “which end goes where.”
Needed a ladder and cyo doing his part to clear the debris
73, Mike

Dick  W3WXC, crowed in on 5/31/20, to join us as "Rooster # 1466"

  Above are two photos of the Nittany Amateur Radio Club's ham-exam testing session held on May 30. This was our first socially responsible test session. Everyone wore masks, maintained social distancing, and used plenty of sanitizer. The NARC teamed with the Holiday Inn Express in State College to provide a safe environment for amateur radio testing. There were six candidates, and all six passed their exam. Photo #1 are the VEs: Rick K3ROG , Woody K3YV, Mark K0LO, Dan K9SDW, and Jeff KB3VNH. Photo #2 are some of the candidates taking their tests. 

​I was so happy that Stan was able to get a nice new radio. Imagine how shocked I was to learn there were no knobs or buttons on his radio – none at all!  I really felt sorry for him; it is simply not in keeping with the true spirit of Amateur Radio to not have knobs and buttons. Certainly, it goes without saying that being able to twiddle knobs and buttons is a time-honored ham radio tradition. Nothing in this world can compare to a good knob twiddle.
  Anyway, I could not bear to think of Stan without having good twiddles. To that end, I obtained some dresser knobs and clothing buttons and mailed them to Stan. I am pleased to report that Stan was so impressed that he immediately installed them on his Flex 6600 radio. The accompanying photograph was taken by Stan. It clearly shows how much the knobs and buttons improved his radio.

Crazy Dave  KI3I, helping repair his local 147.210 repeater tower.   He is the bottom guy in the second photo.   

​Jim#1 and Dave had a Pottstown antenna party. Here is a photo of the Ohio version with Roosters W8REH and W8RXX taking down unwanted antennas and tower for WB8WKZ over the Memorial Day weekend.

The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time