From Left to Right:  Jeff N3VE, Woody K3YV, Greg WA3GM, John W8RXX, Roy W8REH, and Steve WU3I

The photo below is the famous DX Chaser: Greg WA3GM with Avid  contestor:  Frank Donovan W3LPL from the Potomic Valley Radio Club at the Ten Ten International Booth  in Xenia 

​The Rooster Dinner at Dayton.  Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Rooster"believe it or not"!!  There are two of them!!!  Below are 

K3YV Woody,  and KC2IZK Vince.  Met each other at Dayton this year.


Gary W3AM  , Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1424 on 4/16/2017

Glen NK1N,  Shares his Satellite antenna project with us from the start to the finished bird chaser.

​How's it working for you Glen?

Greg WA3GM, along with his New Pal Gordo.  Greg must forget his call sign often.  He has seven badges(one missing), plus his hat, to remind him.

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Left to right: Greg WA3GM, John N3GU, Woody K3YV, Steve WA8UEG, Roy W8REH, Steve WU3I, John W4CC, and Eric W3EDP

The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time