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​Left-to-right: Jim K3CHJ, Ron W2DAR, Gwen NG3P, Ed K3BVQ, Jay W3JAH, Susan, Nancy, Steve WU3I, Walt AA3WB, Ron K3BKT, Ron K3LPR, Stan W3TTY, Ryan, Paul N3CYO (standing), Jim K3JJC (standing), Asa AB3O, Allen KB3EWJ, and Greg WA3GM.  Lower-left insert is Jim K3CHJ with Consumer Tip and Upper-right insert is Dick K3ITH who took this picture.

December's Mystery Photo

​Can you name this place?     Click on the link to send in your answer. 

​First Friday Lunch August 2nd, 2019


N3RCH  Mary, Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1453 on 11/18/2019


Central Pennsylvania First Monday Lunch, Hoss's Restaurant, Oct 7th

The ROOSTER NET  3.990 mhz

​ 6:00am  Everyday Eastern Time 

​Left-to-right: Steve WU3I, Jay W3JAH, Ed K3BVQ, Ryan, Dottie, Jim K3CHJ, Ron K3BKT, Allen KB3EWJ (standing), Paul W4PCB (Standing), Lois (Standing), Gwen NG3P, Ron K3LPR, Nancy, Dennis KA3RIX, Dick K3ITH (Standing), Rich K2RSJ, Ron W2DAR, Jim K3JJC, and Greg WA3GM; plus Asa AB3O not pictured.

Left to right:  Mike N3LI, Mark K0LO, Bud W3SMV (peaking out), Greg K3GEM, Jim WA3FET, Bob AD3K - rooster, Dick AA3R - rooster, Julie KC2ZVD, Woody K3YV - rooster, Johan KC3MVL