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Left Inserts:  Jim K3CHJ’s Consumer Tips: 220 MHz Antenna for Fox Hunts & a Fish Trap for a Fish Tank

​Above picture taken from the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC during the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.  An absolutely perfect sunny warm day and cloudless after the Eclipse started.  You could easily feel the outside temperature quickly drop at least 10 degrees during totality.  Of course, especially enjoyable was almost all daylight travel with great scenery from New York Penn Station via my Private Railroad Car for all 15 of us including exceptional food and refreshments plus an adult beverage called the “Eclipse”.               Cheers and 73,                    Dick K3ITH


Marty  W2FEP , Crowed in to join us as Rooster # 1427 on 9/5/2017

The following three pictures are of WA3GM Greg's condo in Coco Beach, Florida.  Taken on 9/11/2017 after Hurricane Irma.

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Hotel Fire while attending the picnic for Woody K3YV.  ​


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