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​N0VVV  Jim#5,  Viet Nam  1971

Rooster Veterans Memories

​1966 is the year.  Can you identify this  very active Rooster ??

​Woody  K3YV 

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​Dick  K3VYY,  in 1969

A Special page for All Rooster Veterans to post pictures of Memories Past.

                                     Brought to you by:  K3YV  Woody


​We shall..."care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan..."
A. Lincoln, March 4, 1865

K3JJC  Jim#2, away from home in 1963.  How did he keep the ladies away ?

K3YV  Woody,  served here 1968/69

​Which one is Chief Greg ??

​Paul  N3CYO, in LST 646 at Iwo Jima.  Paul says that he was catching 40 winks.

Sent in by:  Jim#1 K3CHJ.  Jim met and knew "Red".  And said that he was a great guy.